Sports Guardian was approached by an open water swimming venue and British Triathlon to develop an outdoor swimming ID band and administration system for open water swimmers and open water swimming venues. Having launched a pilot scheme with Lenches Lakes and their open water swimmers in late 2021. Sports Guardian is now Beyond Swim’s recommended partner safety system for open water swimming venues.

The Sports Guardian bands and app are available to individuals, clubs, venues, organisations and events. For individuals, the Sports Guardian bands and app provide a personal safety and medical ID system. The app provides a secure safety solution for clubs, venues, organisations and events. To find out more, visit our For Individuals or For Organisations page.

Sports Guardian is a trading name of The ID Band Company Ltd. which has been supplying affordable, personalised medical IDs and accessories since 2010. We set up the company after looking for ID products ourselves. We found that most of the products available were either of inferior quality or were not easily updateable, or we would have to go through the hassle and delays of ordering from the States, or that we were going to be "ripped off" with the post and packing charges.
We wanted to create a better way The ID Band Company has partnerships with hospitals, medical organisations and charities and is the supplier for the official parkrun bands, tags, cards and merchandise in the UK.

Patent pending: application number 2302665.1