Sports Guardian 3D wristband red
Speaks for you when you can'tShare vital information with first responders when you are unable to communicate.
Sports Guardian band red

tough and waterproof

Made from soft yet durable silicone and laser marked with your details, our bands can go anywhere with you.


rapid medical action

High priority information is displayed on the band, while further details can be accessed by scanning the QR code.


privacy built in

The secure QR code is locked by default and only works when you are checked into a venue or event or when unlocked by you in the app.

Interested in Sports Guardian for your organisation, club, venue or participants?

Read more about our tracking and safety solution and how it can help manage safety for you, your staff and your customers.


"We've tried pen and paper, bands on boards, a variety of homemade member cards, each have their own issues... none of them giving the operator total confidence that they have done their absolute best to achieve current accurate information of who is in the water.Sports Guardian is a simple, effective, easy to use ID band, giving us the confidence we have done our utmost to track swimmers into and out of the water. For our customers, they have a medical ID band they can use whilst participating in any activity they feel their medical ID could be useful/lifesaving/reassuring."
Amanda Badger, Proprietor, Lenches Lakes

main lake at Lenches Lakes
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